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They're our staunchest cheerleaders, biggest allies, and greatest source of conflict. Oh the complicated joys of family!

It's time to heal old wounds and find new ways to understand each other.

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For better or worse our family is what can define us in conflict. Repeating the old ways of handling a fight that we saw modeled since childhood. Is it working? Probably not. Do we know what to do instead? Nope, not a clue.

Take control of those old, well worn tensions with the Fight Languages.

Bring more understanding for everyone, including you.


Work with Lena to create a plan for the challenging conflict in your life. Perfect for families, organizations, partnerships, and any area you find yourself in need of more resources.

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Lena was masterful at asking the questions that helped me get at the patterns and beliefs that were causing me to show up in my life and relationships. I gained the insight and understanding I needed and felt so seen, heard, and understood!

- Rachel Grant

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