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Let's work together and create a shortcut out of the old patterns that have been holding you back. The next version of you is right around the corner!

  • Personal Sessions

    Gremlin voice. Negative self talk. Inner critic. Asshole upstairs. Regina. Whatever name you've given your internal conflict, the reality is it's here to stay and it's about time you learned how to fight better with it.

    Work with Lena 1:1 to improve your relationship with yourself.

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  • Relationship Sessions

    You don't want to fight! It's just that they seem to be able to hit your buttons with such accuracy that you'd think your little sister had given them pointers.

    Work with Lena in a couple's session to spark more connection and understanding in your relationship.

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  • Family Sessions

    They're our staunchest cheerleaders, biggest allies, and greatest source of conflict. Oh the complicated joys of family!

    It's time to heal old wounds and find new ways to understand each other. Work with Lena in a family session to finally pivot communication.

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Having done counseling on and off for decades, I was still feeling very unsteady in my life. After meeting Lena and spending some time on her website I knew if I really wanted change I was going to need to step up and try something different. She has been the difference, and I am no longer drowning.

- Emily Berriochoa

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Work with Lena to create a plan for the challenging conflict in your life. Perfect for families, organizations, partnerships, and any area you find yourself in need of more resources.

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