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Ready to find a better way to handle conflict?

Looking for a way to feel more in control of your life?

Then let's start pulling the thread that makes up your protective armor. That jumble of old fears and stories that have kept you feeling small, insecure, and reactive.

Let's discover how much easier life can get when you're not fighting the daily battle with yourself. When you feel powerful, confident, and grounded with each new step.

You've landed in the right spot to begin the next phase. Welcome!

- Lena

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  • Michelle Marshall

    I had been in therapy for 3 years and it didn't seem like I was getting anywhere. Working with Lena, I have learned how to mother myself, I am no longer in that dark place, no longer in that toxic relationship and feeling the BEST I have felt in YEARS!  We are only halfway through the journal and I am so excited to continue this rebirth with Lena.

  • Nyla Predmore

    Life is full of shifts, and fortunately for me, I’ve had Lena alongside me through several. I like to say, “I can do hard things because I’ve done hard things,” but I’ve done hard things because women before me, like Lena have shown me how. Grateful for motherhood, thankful for womanhood, grateful for marriage, and thankful for Lena. 

  • Sandy Pradas

    I think Lena's approach is genius - if you keep getting into fights, why not start right there with the fighting? That one session was more helpful than many standard counseling sessions that we've had. It really gave us a reset, and you helped us realize that we didn't just fall out of love, but we're triggering each other and doing a bad job of expressing ourselves.

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The StoryHealer Sessions is a podcast all about healing the story and changing your world.

Each session is unique as we untangle old beliefs and explore what is more true. Learn more about StoryHealing, the Fight Languages, and personal growth!

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