Hey lovely,

I'm not sure anyone becomes a specialist in conflict resolution without first avoiding conflict for a long time.

For most of my life I excelled at people pleasing and swallowing down my anger in a fight. I repeated the early patterns of conflict I was shown in my two marriages. I avoided, downplayed, and fixed everything I could.

But then, as a midwife, I began helping women navigate relationships, advocate for their needs, and learn how to communicate more productively. I started to make the connections between our need to be understood and how we are communicating that need.

As I stepped away from midwifery and into the next phase of life, I started to articulate the Fight Languages. Putting names to the people I had been helping for years.

My hope is that the Fight Languages will help you find more understanding and connection in your life - most especially to yourself. Cheers to making the world a little kinder with me.

  • midwife

    For over a decade I worked as a midwife, owning 3 birth centers. I was driven to empower women as they advocated for themselves in major transitions.

  • explorer

    Deep in burnout and divorce, I brought the wisdom from every birth room to my own personal rebirth. Bringing understanding about our internal conflict.

  • guide

    The culmination has been a new framework for conflict. Understanding ourselves and others through the Fight Languages.

Professional Bio

The biggest gift we can give ourselves is to feel understood. 

Lena Morgan began her career as a midwife and for over a decade she helped people communicate their needs effectively, especially in high stress situations. Pulling from this, she developed the Fight Languages; a radical conflict solution. Her work is helping individuals, partnerships, organizations, and businesses develop more understanding and connection. You can learn more about her work at fightlanguages.com