Fight Language Quiz

For the best results, go with your gut and don't overthink it.

Take the quiz several times, with a different person or scenario in mind each time.

It's normal for a person to have a couple main Fight Languages that they speak.

Next steps: download the Translator or grab the book to learn more

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    • Anger based reaction
    • Core need to protect and feel protected
    • Prioritize time to cool off before engaging again
    • Emotion based reaction
    • Core need to have experience understood
    • Prioritize acknowledging your emotions
    • Connection based reaction
    • Core need to reassure connection
    • Prioritize focusing on own feelings, instead of others
    • Logic based reaction
    • Core need to have logic understood and able to defend self
    • Prioritize considering other experiences
    • Detachment based reaction
    • Core need to escape to safety
    • Prioritize taking time to regroup then reengaging

Okay, now what?

You did the quiz, you've got your Fight Language. So what do you do with that info now?

1. Learn more about you! Download the individual Translator for your main Fight Language.

2. Learn more about someone else! Download the Translator for all 5 Fight Languages.

3. Become more fluent! Grab the Fight Languages book and take a deeper dive.

4. Join the movement online! Follow along through your favorite social media platform: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

4. Work with Lena! Gain personal insight and a new way to speak your Fight Language working 1:1 with Lena.

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