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Work with corporate conflict resolution trainer, Lena Morgan, to become a business that is consistently sought after.

  • for owners

    Want to improve your business?


    Work 1:1 with Lena to increase:

    - overall company productivity

    - increase workplace satisfaction for you and your employees

    - increase customer experience and loyalty

  • for HR

    Want to create more harmony?


    Book a training to improve:

    - overall workplace cohesion

    - communication in all workplace areas

    - resolutions for conflict where everyone feels understood

  • for employees

    Want to elevate the workplace?


    Schedule a workshop to build:

    - stronger, more cohesive teams

    - a better understanding of your customer base

    - employees that are more skilled at navigating conflict

  • mediation

    Want to resolve ongoing tension?


    Work with Lena to:

    - understand why the tension and conflict exist in the group

    - create a path to meaningful resolution

    - build tools and skills to be able to navigate the conflict in the future

  • half day : 3 hours

    • Benefits of Conflict

    • Overview of the Fight Languages

    - 5 types of people in conflict

    - Moving protective conflict towards productive

    - Personalizing the Fight Languages

    • Pause & Pivot in Conflict

    - Diffusing tense conflict

    - Finding common ground

    - Building trust and connection

    • Question/Answer and Discussion
  • full day : 6 hours

    • Includes the content from the half day, plus:
    • Becoming Fluent in the Fight Languages

    - Recognizing someone else's Fight Language

    - Articulating your personal Fight Language

    - Finding connection through conflict

    • How Each Fight Language Interacts with Others
    • Building Relationships

    - Moving the conversation beyond the conflict

    - How to feel understood in tense situations

    - Creating sustainable conflict resolution skills

    • Question/Answer and Discussion
  • team building training : 90 min

    • Review of Fight Language quiz results
    • Quick breakdown of how each Fight Language handles conflict
    • Plan for how to handle each Fight Language

    Your team will feel more connected and ready to tackle challenges together after this mini workshop. Perfect for retreats, team building, or trainings.

When it comes to your business, communication is everything.

From the way your employees interact, to the way that your customers feel, and the satisfaction everyone has, effective communication is what helps create your success.

Elevate the communication that is happening within your business with the Fight Languages.

I work with business owners, train HR departments, and teach teams how to understand others and feel more understood themselves, through the framework of the Fight Languages. It's insightful, engaging, and always productive for the business.

Together we can make your company an environment that is more successful for you, your employees, and your customers.

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