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AMPLIFIER Fight Language Translator

AMPLIFIER Fight Language Translator

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Ready to start understanding the Amplifier Fight Language and how you can make conflict connected? 

The Fight Language Translator is the perfect place to quickly start changing conflict if you have the Amplifier Fight Language or you are navigating conflict with someone that does. 

With this quick translator, you'll learn more about:

- Protective Traits

- Productive Traits

- New Skills to Cultivate

- Big Picture Reminders

- Fighting as an Amplifier

- Fighting with an Amplifier

- The Amplifier as a Partner

- The Amplifier as a Child

Want to learn about all 5 of the Fight Languages? Download the full Translator here and change conflict with everyone in your life.

Looking for a more in-depth look? Download the Fight Languages book here.

Your Amplifier Fight Language Translator should download shortly after purchase. Please wait at least 1 hour before emailing any issues or concerns. 

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