keynote options

Fight Languages

Learn about the Fight Languages and the protective vs productive ways that we fight. Gain empathy and understanding for yourself and others as you uncover the smart reasons we show up in conflict the way we do.

This talk can range from 2-3 hours depending on group size and specific format.

Perfect for any organization looking to enhance their communication and creative problem solving.

Options for facilitation include Lena or Lena & JP

Fight Better Workshop

Explore the Fight Languages in a practical hands on way. This workshop will cover the protective and productive ways we fight and then personalize the experience for the attendees. Focusing on how to reimagine conflict in all our different relationships, this is an opportunity to learn how to Fight Better.

This workshop can be between 2-6 hours depending on the organization size and event format.

Perfect for any organization looking for practical skills to shift the way they are navigating conflict.

Options for facilitation include Lena or Lena & JP


Based on Lena's work with women, healing generational trauma, StoryHealing is a new way to understand the stories we inherited from those who went before us. Her StoryHealing Journal and Affirmation Deck can be a part of the talk, or the focus can remain on how we identify and untangle stories that are no longer serving us.

This workshop can be between 2-6 hours depending on organization size and event format.

Perfect for any women focused organizations or those looking to break free from old paradigms.

Facilitated by Lena

Sacred Partner Workshop

Join Lena and JP as they help unravel why it is that our Sacred Partnerships are our most challenging and most healing. With a variety of skill based topics to offer, they will create a safe space to untangle old hurts and help connection flourish. This sacred space is always potent for attendees and will create lasting change in their partnership.

This workshop is 2-4 hours in length depending on the organization size and information goals.

Perfect for partnership focused events or retreat events.

Facilitated by Lena & JP

  • Engaging Content

    Discussing topics that are often swept under the rug, Lena is bringing the way we fight and the way we heal front and center.

  • Location

    Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Lena is happy to join your Alaska based event or to travel south and join your event wherever you're located.

  • Additional Resources

    Keep the momentum going even after the event with the Fight Languages book or the StoryHealer Journal. Resources for you to keep growing.

  • Arctic Entries Talk

    Lena joined this Arctic Entries Storytelling event, speaking about the loss of her mother while pregnant with her daughter.

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  • Wildheart Magazine

    In this issue, focused on hope, Lena recounts her transformative experience of rebirth. Midwifery, Covid, and the last phone call.

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  • The Real Heal Podcast

    Lena joins Dr Renee Wellenstein to talk about the Fight Languages, explore our inherited vs intuitive voice and more.

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