1:1 sessions with JP & Lena

Sacred Partners can sound a lot like, "I can't believe how much I love you and how much you trigger me." Because some of our most potent growth lies in relational spaces, they are also the spaces that can be most difficult to navigate. 

JP & Lena are frequent travelers of this sacred space. When they met in their late 30's, they had lifetime of beliefs and old stories along for the ride. The skills and tools they bring to the table were hard won - through vulnerability, curiosity, and a lot of inner work. Now working with other couples on the path towards deeper healing, JP & Lena offer 1:1 sessions, workshops, and occasional retreat experiences.

  • What should I expect?

    These hourly sessions can happen in-person if you and your partner both live in Anchorage, AK, or online through Zoom, if you live anywhere else. Before your session, you'll receive a questionnaire with a few questions for you both to answer so we can ensure we're getting to what feels most important.

  • What is the price?

    Our rate is $325 for a 60-75 minute session. These sessions incorporate generational healing, emotional fluency, and inner compassion. They create a safe space to grow and heal - together. Booked through the website, we will contact you to schedule a time that works best for you both.

  • Why is this important?

    Because when you heal and grow, so does your relationship. It can expand in new ways that will allow you to access a deeper, more vulnerable love. To be seen more fully. To understand and respect your partner more deeply. To be able to wholly receive the love being given to you, unconditionally.

here we go!

Let's start charting a new path in your relationship with these questions:

1. What source of tension feels most noticeable in your relationship right now?

2. What pattern from your parent's (or childhood caregiver's) relationship are you currently noticing in your own?

3. What is one thing you would choose to shift in your relationship right now, and what would an ideal outcome of that shift look like?

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  • JP Morgan

    With a background as varied as his skillset, JP is on a mission to make healing a part of masculinity. Helping men decode the language of emotions. As a veteran, former firefighter/EMS, and nurse specializing in psychology, he is able to connect with diverse audiences and hold space for humor, healing, and growth.

    Work with JP personally 
  • Lena Morgan

    Passionate about the many rites of passage we go through as women, Lena is bringing her skill as a midwife and healer to the sacred work of personal discovery. Holding space for the new version of yourself to be birthed, she is an excellent guide on your path. Helping you heal the story and change your world.

    Work with Lena personally