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Gremlin voice. Negative self talk. Inner critic. Asshole upstairs. Regina.

Whatever name you've given your internal conflict, the reality is it's here to stay and it's about time you learned how to fight better with it.

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Internal conflict becomes external conflict.

That's why changing the way you fight with yourself will change the way you're fighting with others. A one-two punch, if you will. It doesn't matter if the other person is willing to change.

You are.

And that's all we need to change everything.

Having done counseling on and off for decades, I was still feeling very unsteady in my life. After meeting Lena and spending some time on her website I knew if I really wanted change I was going to need to step up and try something different. She has been the difference, and I am no longer drowning.

- Emily Berriochoa

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