What if our sources of conflict were the key to feeling more connected?

Learn what your Fight Languages are to start fighting better.

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    Every part of your life will transform for the better when you spark connection.

    Our relationships with ourselves, how to feel about ourselves, our health, our career, everything! The Fight Languages are an easy way to start understanding others and feeling more understood. Watch tension fade and connection flow.

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    Hi, I'm Lena.

    I created the Fight Languages and I'm going to help you spark life changing connection. Because chances are you've just been running on instinct and knee-jerk reactions. Which works. Sometimes.

    So how'd I get here? Read on to find out.

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    The Fight Languages book is finally here and ready to help you turn conflict into connection!

    Available as an eBook, soft cover, or hard cover. Stay tuned for the audio book coming soon!

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    The Fight Languages articulates the five types of people in an argument. It is a new framework to feel understood, and understand others. This transformation in how we communicate creates relationships that are more connected and changes the way we fight, apologize, and repair.

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    This workshop is the introduction to the Fight Languages that you've been waiting for. You'll walk away with a clear grasp of each Fight Language and ready to change conflict into connection.

    Available in person or online, 5/18/24

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    • Mama Knows: Episode 105

      The 5 Fight Languages and why you should know which one you are, with Lena Morgan

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    • Unforgetting: Episode 33

      Lost in Translation: Understanding your Fight Language with Lena Morgan

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    • Biotypical: Episode 144

      How to Find Your Fight Language, with Lena Morgan

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    • Rachel Grant

      Lena was masterful at asking the questions that helped me get at the patterns and beliefs that were causing me to show up in my life and relationships. I gained the insight and understanding I needed and felt so seen, heard, and understood!

    • Michelle Marshall

      I had been in therapy for 3 years and it didn't seem like I was getting anywhere. Working with Lena, I have learned how to mother myself, I am no longer in that dark place, no longer in that toxic relationship and feeling the BEST I have felt in YEARS! 

    • Nyla Predmore

      Life is full of shifts, and fortunately for me, I’ve had Lena alongside me through several. I like to say, “I can do hard things because I’ve done hard things,” but I’ve done hard things because women before me, like Lena have shown me how.

    • Sandy Pradas

      I think Lena's approach is genius - if you keep getting into fights, why not start right there with the fighting? That one session was more helpful than many standard counseling sessions that we've had.